Office Of Financial Aid Odu (2024)

1. Financial Aid | Old Dominion University

  • Apply for Aid · Manage Your Aid · Directory · Types of Aid

  • Over half the students attending ODU get financial help from one source or another, including federal and state grants, scholarships, educational loans, or through college work-study programs.

2. Directory | Old Dominion University

  • Financial aid counselors are available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:15 p.m. for 15 minute virtual counseling sessions. Make appointment.

  • Find the right contact person in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

3. ODU Financial Aid | Ohio Dominican University

4. Paying for College - Old Dominion University

  • Connect with our enrollment team and Office of Financial Aid to help you learn and the best path to financing your degree. Calculate your cost and find out ...

  • Welcome to Old Dominion University's Virtual Campus Experience. If it's on campus, it's only a few clicks away. Just sit back and go at your own pace – there's a lot to see. From academics to unique college traditions, the virtual tour showcases the entire student experience – before you ever step foot on a campus. Are you ready for the Ultimate Virtual Campus Experience?

Paying for College - Old Dominion University

5. Old Dominion University costs & financial aid - campus tours

  • The financial aid information below is valid for the 2023 academic year. FINANCIAL AID OFFICE. Financial aid homepage: finaidoffice/ net ...

  • Old Dominion University at a glance, key facts, admissions, academics, costs, financial aid, student life, transfer students, international students, contact information, pictures, and movies.

6. Frequently asked questions about financial aid at Ohio Dominican

  • ODU has begun receiving FAFSA information from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) following crucial updates to our campus software that were made available ...

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about financial aid at Ohio Dominican University, Central Ohio's only Catholic university.

7. RD140 (Published 2021) - Old Dominion University Transfer Grant ...

  • 1 Old Dominion University Phone 757-683-3683. Fax 757-683-5920. Email: Office of Student Financial Aid. ×Close. Select the fields you would like ...

  • Old Dominion University identified and paid $158,500 to 184 recipients, exceeding the SCHEV goal of 140. Additionally, Old Dominion University was approved to pay $91,000 in Bonus awards to 107 recipients and $144,000 in Incentive awards to 171 recipients.

8. Programs > Brochure > Office of Study Abroad

  • Demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid ... ODU's Office of Student Financial Aid as it may impact your scholarship ...

  •   ODU Dean's Education Abroad Award Application for Faculty-Led Programs   Deans' Education Abroad Awards are provided by the Deans of ODU's Colleges and the Center for Global Engagement to academically deserving students accepted by the Center for Global Engagement for an approved faculty-led study abroad program. These awards are between $1,500 - $2,500 and will be applied to the student's ODU account.  After returning from study abroad, students must also provide service to the ODU community. This could include staffing information tables at the Study Abroad Fair, presenting study abroad experience at information sessions, classroom presentations, and pre-departure orientations, and/or serving as a peer mentor.   REQUIRED ELIGIBILTY 2.5 cumulative ODU GPA or higher Currently enrolled, degree-seeking ODU student Completion of (online) scholarship application PREFERRED ELIGIBILITY Demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS 150 word statement describing what motivates you to study abroad and how it might relate to your future academic and/or career goals 150 word statement describing how this scholarship would enable you to take advantage of a study abroad/away opportunity during your ODU career Completed application for an ODU faculty-led program Please note: if you have not already completed a FAFSA application for the current academic year with ODU’s Offi...

Office Of Financial Aid Odu (2024)
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