Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (2024)

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (1)

By Pete Oneglia | June 14, 2024, 12:01 am | in News

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (2)

Below is Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: We don’t need to raise a new tax now, we need to be more efficient in how we carry out the operations. We really ought to audit their operations and see exactly what they’re doing before they come looking for money.” – GOP Assembly Leader DiMaio on the potential sales tax increase to help fund NJ Transit

TOP STORY: The Best of All Possible Andy Kims

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (3)

A Monmouth University poll finds that more voters agree than disagree with the guilty verdict against former President Trump, but it makes little difference in their election preferences.

The NJDOC announced the next phase of construction for the new women’s correctional facility.

Senator Menendez’s corruption trial is briefly suspended due to Fred Daibes’ illness, according to the Bergen Record. Nadine Menendez’s trial was postponed until August, according to the Bergen Record.

There’s a new emphasis on electrifying the state’s school bus fleet, according to NJ Spotlight.

Spotted lanternfly season is almost here in the state, according to NJ Herald.

Bergen County towns are racking up bills to police Israel-Gaza protests, according to the Bergen Record.

Bergen and Morris Counties will share in $37M for new mental health crisis centers, according to the Bergen Record.

Cape May County appears set to retake the airport, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Hudson County Executive Guy came out in support of a county mental health court, according to Hudson County View.

Rep. Van Drew is pushing for legislation to curb state prosecutions, according to NJ Spotlight.

ICYMI: Former Essex Freeholder Cavanaugh passed away; Murphy’s approval rating 46%; Gottheimer touted high-speed internet; thousands gathered for Trump rally, Van Drew welcomed Trump, who said ‘we’re going to win’ NJ, will ‘shut down deadly sanctuary cities‘ made endorsem*nt of Serrano Glassner; Fulop celebrates reservoir trail

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (4)

Observers say Newark Mayor Baraka could do well in the 2025 Democratic gubernatorial primary, according to

In CD2, Salerno won the Democratic primary, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

In CD10, McIver was endorsed by Senator Ruiz and Assemblywomen Pintor Marin and Speight.

ICYMI: Insider NJ’s Who’s Up And Who’s Down; Dems welcome showdown with MAGA; GOP seething at media for blaming Trump; in CD3, Mohan won GOP primary to face off against Conaway; primary featured collisions; Kim emerged victorious; Bashaw won the GOP Senate primary, with national implications; Passaic key test for party organizations, Adamo won; Menendez prevailed; potential Menendez replacement names; Crispi wants Trump GOP loyalty pledge; Bashaw says Kim ‘not a strong candidate

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (5)

Speaker Coughlin and Senator Singer were named the NJHA’s Legislators of the Year.

Jersey Shore cops and officials griped to lawmakers about ‘lawless’ teens, according to NJ Monitor.

The NJDOT nominee is headed for Senate confirmation, according to the Bergen Record.

Lawmakers are weighing a change in how mental health workers get raises, according to NJ Spotlight.

ICYMI: Murphy nominated Hoffman for Supreme Court; NJSBA president condemned judge’s remarks; Senate passed OPRA legislation, boos and jeers greeted vote

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (6)

Download and read Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Lobbyist publication.

Former Senator Bob Gordon discusses his career and insights on current events.

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (7)

In Summit, Greg Vartan was elected Democratic chair.

In Woodbridge, AG Platkin released a statement on the shooting to two police officers.

In Atlantic City, the council voted to censure Councilman Tibbett; the motion to censure the mayor failed, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

In Bayonne, rising insurance costs are blamed for a tax increase, according to TAPinto.

In Bridgewater, confusion delayed plans for a townhome community, according to MyCentralJersey.

In Camden, a waterfront landmark became a corporate office again, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In Carteret, a school was locked down after 2 were shot in the street, according to NJ101.5.

In Chatham Borough, the council will vote on a rolling assessment bid, according to TAPinto.

In Denville, cops claim retaliation for reporting misconduct, according to the Bergen Record.

In East Brunswick, a yearbook error prompted BOE action, according to MyCentralJersey.

In Hillsborough, taxpayers are hit with a double whammy tax increase, according to TAPinto.

In Jackson, a judge cleared the way for a Orthodox Jewish girls’ school campus, according to the Asbury Park Press.

In Jersey City, the council held a hearing on the budget, according to Hudson County View.

In Morristown, the council moved to silence the noise law, according to Morristown Green.

In Newark, a landlord’s $1M unpaid bill resulted in water shutoffs at 22 locations, according to TAPinto.

In Ocean Grove, an appellate court upheld the NJDEP ruling, according to TAPinto.

In Paramus, improvements are beginning on a bust intersection, according to the Bergen Record.

In Phillipsburg, the council made amendments to the rental registration regulations, according to TAPinto.

In Roxbury, the town is aiming to ban ‘last mile’ warehousing, according to TAPinto.

In Teaneck, a new town manager was named, according to the Bergen Recod.

In Toms River, the mayor slammed a Facebook post saying he ordered animal deaths in shutting the shelter, according to the Asbury Park Press.

In Upper Saddle River, a former town employee claims age discrimination and wrongful termination, according to the Bergen Record.

In Wayne, the police chief will retire from the force, according to

In West Milford, the town switched to a full-time mayor despite opposition, according to

ICYMI: In Bloomfield, Mundell prevailed; in Perth Amboy, Caba prevailed; in White, warehouse five-year fight over; in Paterson, Mendez declared victory; Velez won; Abdelaziz won; in Montclair, Baskerville won mayoralty; in Orange, Mayor Warren secured re-election; in Irvington, Vauss’ allies swept; guide to municipal elections; in Annandale, ongoing book battle; in New Brunswick, freedom of press case may go to state SC; in Roxbury, BOE decision to rescind transgender protections

Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 6/14/2024 - Insider NJ (8)

Insider NJ columnist Alan Joel Steinberg writes ‘The Pathway to a Bashaw Upset Victory in November

Insider NJ columnist Andrew Leven writes ‘Hunter Biden – Lemon, or Lemonade?

Insider NJ columnist Bob Hennelly writes ‘A Bright Spot Amidst a Bleak EMS Week‘ and ‘Afghani Family Who Helped U.S. Uplifted by FDU’s Global Reach‘ and ‘Wildwood Proves Trump Maga Fever Still Raging‘ and ‘Gaza’s Fate Looms Large in NJ Dems June Primary Debate

Insider NJ columnist Carl Golden writes ‘‘Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game!?’

Insider NJ columnist former Senator Bernard Kenny writes ‘America 2024: A Matter of Life and Death


Hunter Biden verdict shatters another MAGA conspiracy | Editorial

Star-Ledger Editorial Board

  • Hunter Biden just got convicted of three felonies in federal court, and President Joe Biden says he’ll respect the jury verdict and he’s not going to pardon his son. So, what happened to the MAGA conspiracy theory that the Department of Justice was just an arm of Biden’s corrupt administration?

These states have the highest, and lowest, housing expenses in 2024. See where NJ stands

Dan Cirucci, Save Jersey

  • The headline in my local Gannett newspaper declared: “Rep. Kim wins NJ primary.” The story (complete with a photo of Andy Kim) was about Kim’s easy win over token opposition in Tuesday’s Senate primary. In this story I had to read all the way down to the second sentence of the 10th paragraph to find this: “Businessman Curtis Bashaw hopes to become the first elected Republican senator for New Jersey since 1978. Bashaw defeated Serrano Glassner in the Republican primary.”

Op-Ed: It’s not enough to abolish the ‘party line’

Harry Pozycki

  • The abolishing of the political “party line” for this year’s Democratic primary and the likelihood of its complete demise is a welcome development. By eliminating unfair ballot placement for political party-endorsed candidates, often anointed by party bosses, the court leveled the playing field. The result will be more candidates, more competitive primaries, and more power for citizens in choosing their representatives.

Local activists, mayors urge passage of new business tax to fund NJ Transit

Sophie Nieto-Munoz, NJ Monitor

  • Humberto Mendoza has taken NJ Transit’s 780 bus from his Passaic home to Hackensack daily for the last 26 years. The bus rarely arrives on time, he said, but it’s his only way to get to work. With just a few weeks until the start of double-digit fare hikes, Mendoza said he’ll have to choose between paying more for inconsistent transit service or buying food to feed his family.

Tax hikes would ease deficits, but budget surplus still at risk, group warns

Nikita Biryukov, NJ Monitor

  • A new series of financial projections find New Jersey would face smaller deficits in coming years if lawmakers raise taxes to fund NJ Transit — but warn the state is still likely on a path to drain its reserves in a few years under all but the rosiest forecast.

New Jersey simplifies working paper application for teens

Jen Ursillo, NJ1015

  • Teens under the age of 18 who are looking for a job in New Jersey are being reminded that they need working papers before they can start. But don’t worry. The process is a lot easier these days because minors and their caregivers can access working papers at, according to The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Murphy’s lead balloon

Ian T. Shearn and Alex Hunter, The Jersey Vindicator

  • With some fanfare more than four-and-a-half years ago, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled his $100 million plan to eliminate the alarming amount of lead leaching into the drinking water of public schools in the state. An investigation by The Jersey Vindicator has found the plan never got off the ground, leaving countless thousands of New Jersey students still exposed to the toxic dangers of lead every day. Strangely, no one has seemed to notice.

Coach USA bus company files for bankruptcy. How will it impact NJ riders?

Colleen Wilson,

  • Paramus-based Coach USA — one of the largest private bus companies in the country — filed to begin Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings this week. Dan Rodriguez, vice president of public affairs for Coach USA, said the company has struggled to regain ridership since the COVID-19 pandemic, not unlike the fiscal challenges being experienced around the country by for-profit transportation companies and subsidized agencies, including NJ Transit, which is expected to have a nearly $1 billion deficit in 2026.

Morristown lands new arena football franchise at Mennen, kicking off in 2025

William Westhoven, Morristown Daily Record

  • Americans can’t get enough football, tailgate parties and concerts. A new professional arena football team coming to Morris County is promising all that and more when it kicks off next summer at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morris Township.

Cape May launches new library with ‘book brigade’

Bill Barlow, Press of Atlantic City

  • The city took a step into the future Thursday with its eyes set firmly on the past, what could almost be described as a community ethos. The newest branch of the Cape May County Library system opened at 720 Franklin St., in a long-vacant, formerly segregated school, an $11 million, 18-month project, funded by the city, the Cape May County Library Commission and county government, along with a grant from the New Jersey State Library.

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  1. Murphy celebrates “a full week of declining numbers” then says “status quo of lockdown will remain until new cases and fatalities decrease.” So, which of Murphy’s statements is accurate? He said 2 opposite things in a single paragraph of speaking.


    • He;s “vacationing” at his villa in Italy, while Covid surges and the state is paralyzed by “remote work”…………translation: NO WORK


  2. That is what happens in practicality when they are “suspending their disbelief” (HR Clinton) in real numbers and going on predictive models to make decisions. And then after doing that, they vote with “feelings.”


    • lmao imagine supporting lockdowns after the largest mass death event in american history and calling that a feeling driven conclusion? maga chuds never fail to disappoint


  3. keeping up with the news


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  5. So….about those 56 machines in Bergen… <<>>


  6. Murphy running for President is LAUGHABLE. Nased on what??


  7. very informative thank you so much


  8. Murphy doesn’t want to be the president, he wants to be a state trooper.


  9. Nice article! thanks for sharing the post!


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  12. lETS NOT FORGET that during the pandemic Donald Trump sent the MERCY, a fully equipped, COVID prepared Hospital ship to save lives of victims and healthcare workers . But Murphy in his wisdom would rather send Patients back to nursing homes that were ill-equipped to treat these patients so they could die , rather than utilize a life-saving gift and be like NY governor Cuomo, another anti-Trump


  13. Your blog is a haven of positivity in a sometimes chaotic online world.


  14. Your exquisitely curated blog epitomizes erudition, captivating readers with its intellectually stimulating content and profound philosophical insights.


  15. Gun owners don’t have to talk about guns because they know that they have to come out and vote to protect their constitutional right to bear arms. The Supreme court decision has affirmed that right and somehow our “leaders” haven’t learned how to read.


  16. NJ is one of the most corrupt and racist places to live. There’s “0” accountability for the criminal acts, corruption, and unfair treatment of the people of this state. It starts with our governor who cares less for truth and honesty. Continue to ruin the lives of the citizens of this state.


  17. How about those unintended consequences.
    New Jersey mandating that all cars being sold by 2035 be electric is telling us what we can or cannot buy with our own money. There will always be gasoline powered vehicles because of the power produced by internal combustion compared to the power produced by batteries; which is to say the more power the bigger the battery to the point of rediculousness. My thought is that if the state wants fewer gas powered vehicles on the road it should create a mass transit electric powered system that would emphasize convenience for commuters and everyday shoppers. Of course that would mean vehicles weighing tons more because of the size of batteries and that creates a whole other question of where to dispose of them (also for elelectric car batteries), since they are composed of highly toxic materials that can’t be burnt or buried. These are unintended consequences no- one is willing to grapple with until its too late. I think by 2035 th he electric car fantasy will go the same way the offshore wind farm has gone.

    Stephen Brickman
    206 Stonehenge Dr
    Phillipsburg,NJ 08865

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. The military serving in the Middle East represents every state in the Union. Those are our sons and daughters, Moms and Dads and yet we are very little to protect them, or REALLY retaliate when they’re attacked. Governor Murphy is the Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, and past chair of the National Governors Association and yet you never hear him mention about any requests either organization makes to Biden to be more aggressive about protecting our kids in harms way. It’s as though it doesn’t seem to matter to them. No wonder we look so weak to the rest of the world.


  19. Teaneck property taxes pays for the school budget. Teaneck High School students walk out. Is a Hamas military shuffle march property tax bill included?


  20. I’m a conservative and I do believe life begins at conception but the problem is that each mother is responsible for that life and it is in the realm of her mental and physical health that she will either bring it to term or abort it. This should not be a political decision and should not be be dictated by thousand of strangers. The Supreme Court turned it over to the states but it still remains personal for the mother and her family.
    I don’t think it should be an “agenda item” for any political party. A state medical society may want to impose a time frame within which an abortion can occur but even that may be subject to the mother’s doctor’s discretion.
    I say just quit discussing it and leave it up to the mother a father.


  21. Voting should be based on understanding what’s actually happening and knowing who would make life safer and more livable. The only way to do that is to get both sides of the information remembering there are always two sides to a story. Mainstream media in my area includes the Star Ledger and the Easton Express. If you look at the bylines of the opinions you will find writers from the Washington Post and Bloomberg, both notoriously on the left. Even the political cartoons are a dead giveaway. CNN and CNBC are also left leaning. So what are the options for getting opinions and news from the right? Fortunately cable news has Fox, which is near center, and Newsmax, and NewsNation which are full right. Watching these even just occasionally will show a much broader picture and give the reader more information with which to make an informed voting decision. And remember you DONT have to vote party if you feel there’s a wiser choice.


  22. The governor signed off on having Narcan available in all schools grades 9 through 12. But what about the idea
    of having Narcan available in ALL SCHOOLS in New Jersey?


  23. How’s his for an idea? Uncover the identities of the un-elected advisors to Pres. Biden, and publish their names. That way there is actually someone to blame when we lose valuable lives from unanswered attacks by terrorist organizations. We know Biden isn’t making these decisions on his own. My guess is that these advisors will quit the team rather than take the heat for poor decisions, revealing a big weakness in this administration. It might lead to improvements to the decision-making process.


  24. Note to Concealed Carry permit holders: make sure you subscribe to one of the insurance companies that specialize in CCP, ie: US LAW SHIELD. If you ever have to fire your weapon , that has to be the first phone call you make. The second is 911, the third is your family. With so many new permit holders there will probably be an increase in discharges until word gets out that it’s actually unsafe for criminals to be in New Jersey and crime will take a nosedive.
    Now unless you have a conviction in your background you can get that CCP and really defend yourself and your family. And more women are applying which is great for family defense. The stats that record gun violence will have to be re-organized into guns used for crime and guns used to prevent crime. A lot of get-always here because sometimes just brandishing a firearm is enough to stop a crime. But it should be reported anyway..


  25. The liability limits for taxi cabs are extreme starting July 1. It was a plan in place through the insurance banking committee and it was abruptly changed with an amendment. The guys are barely making a living today and you’ve increased their insurance. What’s fair is fair and this is not it was an incremental increase, which was fair, and was removed by the governor please refer back to the original plan


  26. Iowa gets it right. What better school security is there than trained, armed teachers with concealed carry permits. You wonder what parents and local government officials when they oppose this idea. Apparently they would rather wait for some demented individual, either a student or maybe an ex student pulls out a handgun of his backpack , or a long gun out of a duffel and starts firing do they can call it in and wait for help to show up. This move would save many lives and I would heartily endorse this idea nationwide. Of course I’m just an average gun owner who believes that our kids are our most valuable asset and need real protection.


  27. The problem with the Line is that there is no vetting process. Whoever pays the most and/or is specifically unqualified and therefore relegated to the status of puppet is who the county bosses support and threaten the committee members to support. My opponent said on-air that he will do whatever they tell him. What kind of leadership is that. I have 8-10 organizations endorsing me to his zero. I have served many statewide for almost 4 years while he has never helped anyone but himself. No-brainer who is qualified, and they know it. That’s why they are getting nasty and vile while I continue to take the high road.


  28. With the mainstream media touting the current president and suddenly discovers he’s been lying to us all about how supportive he is of Israel when it is reported he is receiving BIG donations from Soros and Rockefellers , both proven anti-American donors, to become pro Palestinian and Pro Hamas and Anti Israel by holding up ammunition shipments to Israel. And solidly answering the question of why he never goes directly against Iran. Is the MSM party to this also. How can the general public now know who and what to trust. They warn us how terrible a trump administration will be as if they have totally forgotten how good we had it under Trump. All I can say is put on your big boy pants and tell us how it really is.


  29. Studies show that recreational cannabis is responsible a 10% increase in motor vehicle accident deaths. These studies show that cannabis impairs driving ability and driving while high is common among regular users. Since cannabis is still an illegal drug, insurance companies are within their rights to deny coverage in for an accident ruled a DUI due to cannabis. However a state that approved its recreational use should be held accountable for any and all the consequences of that DUI. States are more interested in the money they make but they should accept the responsibility for having approved the use of recreational cannabis.


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